Timetable 2016

Secret Beach
Secret Beach

Lesvos Lesfic is an easy mix of beach life, café culture, traditional dining, music and dancing, and, of course, books. We have a guided tour by the foremost historian and documentary filmmaker, Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, to explain the archaeology and ancient culture of the birthplace of the poet Sappho. We have readings at a chapel on a hilltop with the most panoramic views. There’ll also be a master class and a workshop by our senior editor, Sandra Gerth, whom most of you know as award-winning author, Jae, as well as author panels, Q&A sessions, and readings.




Thursday, 9th June

  • Arrival & official Meet and Greet


Beach front
Beach front

Friday, 10th June

  • Guided archaeological and cultural walk with Tzeli Hadjidimitriou
  • Master class[1] by Jae
  • Lilien of Flamingo Beach Bar’s birthday party


Saturday, 11th June

  • Gentle hike to Profitis Ilias with author reading
  • Open Q&A with authors
  • Bar Quiz all about books


Sunday, 12th June

  • Author panel
  • Workshop[2] with Jae
  • Traditional Greek dinner and dancing


Skala Eressos
Skala Eressos

Monday, 13th June

  • Author Panel
  • Author readings after Ouzo mezze lunch
  • Sun, sea, siesta, and packing for home


Tuesday, 14th June

  • Departure


[1] Friday, 10th June 11:30 (am) Master class by Jae

So Many Ideas, So Little Time: Finding More Time to Write

Master class for writers who’d like to become more productive and find more time to write. Readers who’d like to find more time to read are also welcome. 

For many writers, the hardest thing about writing is finding enough time to do it. With day jobs, family obligations, household chores, book marketing, and social media, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

In this master class, prolific writer and editor Sandra Gerth a.k.a. best-selling author Jae will reveal her tips and tricks for finding enough time to write at least one book each year, even if you have a day job.

You’ll find out how to create powerful writing habits, overcome writer’s block and procrastination, and receive valuable advice on how much time to spend marketing.


[2] Sunday, 12th June, 17:00 (5 pm) Workshop with Jae

Manuscript Counseling: Use the Five Core Elements of Fiction to Improve Any Story

Hands-on workshop for writers, beta readers, and anyone else who’s interested in how fiction works. 

Participants can bring the opening chapter or another sample of their writing. We will take a look at these samples, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to improve your manuscript and your writing skills.

Even if you’d rather observe than share your own work, Ylva Publishing’s senior editor Sandra Gerth a.k.a. best-selling novelist Jae will teach you a lot about the five core elements of fiction. Join us and find out how to write realistic dialogue, create three-dimensional characters, build conflict and suspense, choose the best point of view, and show (rather than tell) your story in vivid scenes.


Here you can download an expanded pdf Version of the Timetable. Please also have a look at our expanded post about the course of events.