G Benson

Author G BensonG Benson returned home from Lesvos Lesfic 2016 not feeling in the slightest that she’d worked, but rather that she’d just had the most enjoyable holiday ever. She’d gone mildly terrified about her first reading, did two (still terrified). However, one was done at the top of a hill in an old church overlooking the picturesque beaches in Skala Eressos. That experience quickly cancelled out the memory of her shaking hands. It was completely unforgettable. There were walks with an amazing guide, workshops with Sandra Gerth (aka Jae), there were, as mentioned, readings by the fabulous Gill McKight and A.L. Brooks.

And who can forget the countless discussions about lesfic, focusing on characters, plot, genre, what we love, what we hate—the list was endless. Readers and authors sat down and chatted, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. All of these things were done amongst the backdrop of an amazing island, eating incredible food, enjoying drinks of all kinds, and with some of the best people she has ever met, and then spent five days with. So many jokes emerged we couldn’t even count them—so everyone should join in 2017 to help make some new ones!

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