Astrid Ohletz

In 2016, Astrid Ohletz’s team threw the world’s coolest* lesbian literature party, but she couldn’t make it herself. Thankfully, in 2017 Ylva’s intrepid CEO, and her wife, Daniela, will be dipping their toes into the gorgeous Lesvos sands for Lesvos Lesfic 2017. Astrid can’t wait to connect with Ylva authors and readers and possibly catch up with a few fans of her own.

When she’s not running her publishing house, in her spare three minutes a day she sometimes plonks her author’s hat on—as Emma Weimann (Heart’s Surrender, Goldie Award winner for best Erotica). During Astrid’s Lesvos explorations next summer, she holds high hopes of finding a cute Hank-like octopus of Finding Dory fame. We think odds are quite high…at dinner time.

* Possibly biased but that’s crazy talk.