Lesvos Lesfic 2016

Itinerary for Lesvos Lesfic 2016 – here’s what you can look forward to

The “sleeps” counting has begun, so here is the itinerary with names, places, things, and faces.


Thursday, 9th June

Lilien and Erna
Lilien and Erna

Most of you have already spent some time in Athens, one of the most ancient yet cosmopolitan cities in the world.

4.20 p.m. – Jump on the island-hopper at Athens airport.

5.15 p.m. – Arrive at Mytilene airport on Lesvos. (Interesting fact: Mytilene was the sister of Myrina, queen of the Amazons, and the capital city is named after her.) A minibus will be on hand to bring you across the island to the southwest corner and Skala Eressos.

7.00 p.m. – Arrival at Skala Eressos. Sunshine and loveliness await you. As will Gill McKnight.

9.00 p.m. – Meet ’n’ greet at the Flamingo Beach Bar. Food and drink will be available and as will our hosts, Erna and Lilien.


Tzeli Hadjidimitriou
Tzeli Hadjidimitriou

Friday, 10th June

9.30 a.m. – Meet at Marianne’s bar for coffee and a chat by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou before beginning a walk around Vigla hill and its Byzantine fortress ruins. Tzeli is an expert on the history, archaeology, and ancient culture of Lesvos, especially Skala Eressos, which stands on the site of the ancient city of Eressos, birthplace of Sappho. (This is a * event.)

5 p.m. – Master class on point of view (The Core Elements of Fiction Workshop 1) with Sandra Gerth a.k.a bestselling author Jae. This will take place on the Aumkara roof terrace and is open to all those interested in learning about fiction writing.

9 p.m. onwards – we are invited to Lilien of Flamingo Beach Bar’s birthday party, at Flamingo, of course! Bring your dancing shoes.


Saturday, 11th June

Annie and Aylin
Annie and Aylin

9.00 a.m. – Breakfast al fresco. Meet up at Flamingo to collect your breakfast. Put it in your backpack and start the gentle hike (45 minutes of gentleness) to the little headland chapel of Profitis Ilias. Your guides will be the wonderful Aylin and Annie. Once there, you will be given a warm beverage to have with your breakfast while you enjoy the scenery and author readings.

6 p.m. – After a long siesta or maybe a swim or snorkelling, we meet at Vento’s for pizza and book talk. Authors will talk about and answer questions on their work and what makes a romance novel satisfying.

9 p.m. – Bar quiz. Quiz queen Karolina will present a charity fundraiser for the local animal rescue shelters. We promise a round with a literary theme to give you an edge.


Jae (Sandra Gerth)

Sunday, 12th June

10.00 a.m. – Belleville coffee morning. More book talk. This time we discuss how inspiration strikes and an idea becomes a plot becomes a book.

5.00 p.m. – Masterclass The Core Elements of Fiction workshop 2 by Sandra Gerth a.k.a. Jae, on the Aumkara roof terrace. This time, you will learn all about the golden rule of writing: show, don’t tell.

9.00 p.m. – we gather for a traditional Greek dinner at a local taverna.


Monday, 13th June

10.00 a.m. – Belleville coffee morning with book talk. This time we discuss how to create believable characters

2.00 p.m. – Ouzo mezze lunch at a Greek taverna. A nice, long, relaxing lunch with author readings.

Then sun, sea, siesta, and packing for home.


Tuesday, 14th June

Wendy and Joanna of Sappho Travel
Wendy and Joanna of Sappho Travel

6.00 a.m. – meet at Sappho Travel for your ride back to Mytilene airport and the 9.00 a.m. flight to Athens and onward to home with good memories and new friends.


Events and times may change but due notice will be given. (* Denotes a wristband wearer only event.)

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