Lesvos Lesfic 2016

What, where, when? A breakdown of your stay during Lesvos Lesfic 2016

Slingbacks or flatties?

A breakdown of your stay during Lesvos Lesfic. The itinerary proper will be handed out at the meet and greet evening, this is just a taster to give you some idea of what’s involved and, more importantly, what shoes to pack.

The BeachThursday 9th June

Leaving Athens at 16.20 (4.20 p.m.) you arrive at Mytilene airport at 17.15 (5.15 p.m.) for your transfer across the island.

You should arrive in Skala Eressos at 19.00 (7 p.m.) and there will be a few hours to unpack and relax before heading over to Flamingo (our host bar and Hub Pub) for the official meet and greet at 21.00 (9 p.m.).  Here you will get your welcome pack and a little food, wine, and music. You will also get to meet and greet each other as well as your ‘Hub Pub’ hosts, Lilien and Erna.

Friday 10th June

9.30 (a.m.) and the day starts in beautiful sunshine with a walking tour with Tzeli (pronounced Jeli), who will take you around Vigla hill and the old Byzantine fort that overlooks the harbour. Tzeli is a national expert on the culture and archaeology of Lesvos and particularly of the poet Sappho who was born in the ancient city of Eressos, right under your dusty feet! This will be a gentle walk full of interesting conversation and lovely scenery and will ensure you enjoy your stay even more.

11.30. (a.m.) Tzeli leaves you to enjoy a cup of coffee with Sandra Gerth (a.k.a. Jae) as she gives her master class.

After lunch you may like a little siesta, or maybe a swim or a walk on the beach, or simply  find a favourite spot to read and relax. No matter what you do, at 17.00 (5 p.m.) and we have our first authors panel where authors discuss their work followed by a Q&A and signings.

Then, we are all invited to Lilien’s (your Hub Pub host) birthday party at Flamingo. An annual grand affair, so bring your dancing shoes.

BreadSaturday 11th June

Another beautiful morning, and what could be better to chase the cobwebs away than a gentle hike to Profitis Ilias the hilltop chapel overlooking the beach. Here you will have breakfast al fresco with breathtaking views and an author reading to fill all your senses.

For those who partied too hard, or shirk from the words gentle hike, there will also be an alternative roof terrace breakfast and authors reading, again with lovely views even if not quite as heady as the first option, but you can always wave at each other.

Lunch, siesta, swimming, do you see the emerging pattern? Then, at 17.00 (5 p.m.) the open Q&A with authors begins, with pizza.

After dinner, there will be a bar quiz back at Flamingo all about books at 21.00.

Sunday 12th June

10.00 (a.m.) and coffee with an authors panel starts the day off to a good start.

Lunch, siesta, swimming. Then, the workshop with Sandra at 17.00 (5 p.m.).

This is followed by a traditional Greek dinner at 21.00 (9 p.m.) at a local taverna.

Monday 13th June

Morning coffee and a book talk at 10.00 (a.m.).

And now that you have a routine for your lunch and siesta let’s break it with a 14.00 (2 p.m.) ouzo mezze lunch, with author readings after.

Ouzo makes you snooze so the rest of the afternoon is free until 21.00 (9 p.m.) when we have the charity auction, a fun event to help raise funds for the refugees and also local animal charities. This is followed by music at Flamingo and a sad goodbye.

Flamingo bar
Flamingo bar

Tuesday 14th June

A 6.00 (a.m.) start for the transfer back to Mytilene airport, or as I like to call it the ‘praise the dawn’ ride. Your 9.00 (a.m.) flight arrives in Athens at 9.55 (a.m.).  You’ll leave us with happy smiles, new friends, and luggage too heavy with books and souvenirs, but remember, the best souvenirs, as always, will be your memories.

Asfalés taxidi.


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  1. I would love to come on this trip! I live in London and what to fine out more! The cost and how do I go about booking my place! Can I bring a friend also. Lorraine

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