Skala Eressos at night
Skala Eressos at night

What to expect at Lesvos Lesfic 2016: Books, writers, readers, cocktails, fine dining, and lots of sea and sandy beaches. Did we mention the sun that comes with the glorious Greek islands? Bring sunscreen and flip-flops.

The idea is simple.

This is a breakaway for those of us in Europe (or farther afield) who love Lesfic and want to gather together somewhere nice and indulge ourselves. There will be readings, panels, a few masterclasses by Sandra Gerth/Jae for those of us who aspire to write/write better.

There will be entertainment, music, quizzes, parties, and good food. And there will be siestas, as you will need time out either to snooze or to explore Skala Eressos and the beautiful countryside around it.

This is a mini holiday…but with books!

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